Teacher's Needs

We want to help teachers improve their classrooms by providing the teaching and educational materials that they need. Teachers or school administrators can submit requests for any classroom materials they need, and we will purchase the items and donate them to the school. We welcome requests from teachers at Cole Harbour District High School, Auburn Drive High School and the elementary and junior high schools which feed into them.

In the past, we’ve fulfilled requests for a wide variety of classroom items. For example:

  • Literacy reference books, work books and instructional materials
  • Wobble/balance chairs, to help students focus in class
  • Archery equipment, for physical education programs
  • Subscriptions to online educational resources

To submit a request, please email info@coleharbourfoundation.ca with the following information:

  • Teacher’s name
  • Teacher’s school (these are the schools we serve)
  • Teacher’s email address so we can respond to your request
  • Grade level and subject that you teach
  • A specific list of exactly which items you are requesting
  • A clear explanation of how they will directly improve student education
  • For each item, please include as much specific detail as possible:
    • Name of the product
    • Where to purchase it (online, if possible)
    • Online product page / product identifier / model number / SKU
    • Exact price of the item from that vendor

We accept requests between September 1st and May 1st each school year.

It’s much easier for us to fulfill your requests if they are from Canadian vendors that allow online ordering. If you can find your items on Wintergreen, Scholar’s ChoiceAmazon Canada or Tattletales you’ll be more likely to get them in a timely manner. If you specify a vendor outside Canada or one who relies on printed catalogues and order forms, it may be more difficult or take longer for us to fulfill your request.

We will review all requests, and reply to you via email with any questions or updates. We prioritize requests for materials which will directly improve the education of students in a cost-effective manner.